Sunday, January 18, 2009!

i never planned for the future.. SHIT! i never expected to even go to college. i never filled out any applications until july when school started in august.. just so happen my father pledged omega psi phi at a private school in Mississippi called 'TOUGALOO COLLEGE' and it just so happened that every one in the administration was either an omega or went to school with him and were very good friends.. so geuss what? damien got into college. i still didnt feel as if i accomplished anything especially not with my grades from high school. so i did my first year and school was 15gs a year and i was there waisting time smoking and drinking to past time.. most of my lesson didnt even come from class.. they cam from the cafe.. the dorms.. and the club.. lol.. i never wanted to go to school.. shit i hate school.. ever since i was 13 i wanted to be a rapper.. and with out that dream filled i will always feel empty so i came back home to houston to save my parents money and went to community college i always registered but stop going to school i just always felt like school didnt teach me anything.. i mean in high school i could always pay someone to do my work for me.. thats when i realized its not what you know surviving in this life need for you to know people and have money.. if you have neither you will fail and be a bum.. now i just did one last semester of school and still have gotten no where im still considered a freshman its hard to balance a forty hour job and put a roof over my head and do 18 hours of school.. so whats more important.. school or living on the streets.. in my case im not living on the streets fuck that.. so im done with school until i either have money or know hella people.. now im all about chasing my dream not about my parents dream.. fuck school.. ima do me.. school aint for everybody.. i feel you have different kinds of people those who are artistic and those who are scientific.. those who are scientific admire the artistic and vice versa because they cant do what the other can.. like a doctor has struggles so he may listen to music to relieve stress but a musician cant do surgery on himself so he needs to see the doctor.. therefore the world is like a play everyone has to play their part... what part do you contribute to?